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DJs get their music from many sources: record pools, CD’s, sites like i Tunes etc.This means a DJs library usually contains variants in audio and video tags, and depending how old the files are, tags could be un-synced and not contain more recent fantastic tagging features such as album art.

The remote app (Android)Why does the app ask for those permissions? If you get this error it is usually because Media Monkey has not been able to register its API on your computer.Album art is a supported feature in the new PCDJ DEX 3 browser, which can help more easily visually locate a song.PCDJ DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE both support basic tag editing. What's the difference between Media Monkey, Media Monkey Android, MMRemote, and MMRemote Server? Why does nothing happen when I try to start the server? READ_PHONE_STATE is used when performing actions if you're getting a phone call (like lowering the volume, or pausing the music). Does the server install any toolbars, spyware, viruses or other nasty stuff? INSTALL_SHORTCUT is used when you create Library shortcuts on your homescreen.

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