Updating map on tom tom one

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If you bought the POI disk you can ignore this step, as all of the files are in directories already unzipped.

Plug the Tom Tom into the PC using the USB cable and then power on the Tom Tom.

They also have something called Quickfix, which helps to get quicker fixes on the satellites.

No charge for this.click here Hi Folks I tried to update my Tom Tom this morning and got the following error message-The internet server has an internal error. Is there something wrong with the internet connection? Even without paying for newer maps, there certainly would have been a new version of Navcore available.

A Step by step guide to setting up POI's on your Tom Tom. All POI files that you will use on the Tom Tom come in pairs.

If you are not happy with files and folders, we suggest you get someone to assist you.

If Tom Tom HOME starts up - close it down as it won't be used.

Instead, a single Search option leads to a two-paned results screen with addresses on the left and POIs on the right.ON our websites we "ZIP" these files together into a package to make downloading quicker and easier.These POI then require "UNZIPPING" prior to use, so if you have downloaded POI from the website please "UNZIP" them to a directory. If I would have to spend money, I would buy an update once year or year and a half.It's a pity you have a Via, otherwise you could get all Tom Tom maps for free.

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