U pb dating of zircon

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The laser ablation pit sizes ranged from 30 to 40 μm in diameter.

Certainly it doesn’t make sense to say different zones within a tiny crystal formed at vastly different times.

By the same token, melt inclusions can be harnessed for insights into processes of magmatic degassing and assimiliation of hydrothermally altered magma chamber rinds. Work has been performed at La Pacana (Chile), the largest known terrestrial resurgent caldera, and at Toba (Indonesia), the source of a ~76 ka eruption thought by some to have pushed the then human population to the brink of extinction ( Rampino and Ambrose, 2000).

Ion microprobe group members are currently involved in studies of large-volume, Quaternary caldera systems underlying Long Valley and Yellowstone (U. Ion microprobe U-Pb zircon age results for the Bishop Tuff (Long Valley; Reid and Coath, 2000) and La Pacana (Schmitt et al., 2002) argue strongly against protracted preeruptive magma storage.

Si vous êtes membre de la communauté CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) ou ESR français (Enseignement Supérieur et Recherche), la barre de recherche permet d’accéder à Refdoc, catalogue contenant plus de 53 millions de références bibliographiques. With the search bar you can access directly and consult over 53 million bibliographic records for free.

Cat.inist, c’est le signalement de plus de plus de 20 millions de références bibliographiques (depuis 1973) issues des collections du fonds documentaire de l'Inist-Cnrs et couvrant l'ensemble des champs de la recherche mondiale en science, technologie, médecine, sciences humaines et sociales. Cat.inist is made up of over 20 million bibliographic records (from 1973 onwards) for documents from Inist-Cnrs collections covering all world research fields in science, technology, medicine, the humanities and social sciences.

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