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Dog behavior and environment are related in more ways than we often understand or are able to see.Any animal on this planet, including humans, have adapted to certain environments that have shaped their way of life. It goes deeper and gets more complicated once you start learning how big of an environmental impact your dog gets in his daily life.Other names for a the workplace bully is doesn't matter as much in the legal sense, as does the fact that he or she is creating an intimidating, offensive, abusive or hostile work environment through discriminatory workplace harassment.Both victims and witnesses are protected under the relevant laws.Creating a hostile workplace is prohibited under certain Federal discrimination laws (listed below).Subsequently, to be illegal under one of the laws in the eyes of the courts, a hostile work environment typically must be caused by discriminatory workplace harassment based on race, color, religion, national origin, disability, genetics, age or sex; or it must be caused by retaliation in violation of a discrimination law.The courts recognize that witnesses too might suffer consequences of workplace hostility, even though they were not the direct targets.There are no Federal "hostile work environment laws" or "hostile workplace laws" named as such.

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For more information, see Employment Discrimination for Military Service.Like many others in rural America, Rinehart knew of Monsanto’s fierce reputation for enforcing its patents and suing anyone who allegedly violated them. They fan out into fields and farm towns, where they secretly videotape and photograph farmers, store owners, and co-ops; infiltrate community meetings; and gather information from informants about farming activities.Farmers say that some Monsanto agents pretend to be surveyors.And this is the key factor as to why so many times we fail to understand why our dog behaves the way he does in certain situations.Dogs see the world differently from us and they will adjust their behavior according to even the slightest change in a familiar environment.

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