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It wasn’t the religion we learned at school or at home, which was only going to church on Sunday and doing whatever the hell you wanted afterwards…

It seemed hypocritical to me, and Islam incorporated theory into practice all the time instead.”“a friend of mine opened me an account on, I had already been a Muslim for three years before but didn’t want to get married again.

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In co-operation with other West Midlands parishes, the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God houses the St. Wouldn’t we be right, though, in saying that Wilfrid, in the eye of the storm, and Bede, our chief observer, are two pivotal figures in any discussion of early Christian Britain? JOHN: There are so many exceptional figures from the sixth and seventh centuries on these islands that it is difficult to isolate one or two of them.

Theodore of Canterbury Study Centre, running theology courses that lead to University of Wales [Lampeter] qualifications. Without Bede, ‘the first scientific genius of the Germanic people,’ as R. Southern calls him, we would, of course, know very little about any of them.

John Nankivell, pastor of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God in Walsall, West Midlands, spent over thirty years teaching chemistry and religious studies before retiring as principal of Joseph Chamberlain College in Central Birmingham to take on a full-time ministry.

His first book, Saint Wilfrid, on Wilfrid of York was published in 2002, and he has served as chaplain on a number of occasions to the annual Friends of Orthodoxy on Iona pilgrimage. While Venerable Bede portrays him as an able advocate of the seventh-century universal Church, modern accounts of “Celtic” versus “Roman” Christianity seem far more ready to cast him as a villain.

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