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Jeff Probst tells People magazine no one is more surprised than he is that he would find love on “Survivor.” Probst says they started dating after he e-mailed her to say hello once the show was over. She’s the one who weeped in the finale because Chris double-crossed her.” Jeff came into the frame, dressed in all black, and introduced the next segment. Both, incidentally, are likely nominees for the first reality show host Emmy.Last season was an example of everything that’s great about Survivor: the right kind of returnees; strong casting; and smart challenges, game play, and social strategy.And then a little time went by, and he talked to us, and we talked to him, and our psychologist talked to him, and he sounded like he was going to be okay.” Probst reiterates that and attempts to stop the rumor mill by telling EW, “every contestant on Survivor undergoes an evaluation from our show psychologist each time they play.We never let anybody on the show who can’t pass the psych test. He was also great in our interviews before the show began. Gordon Holmes reveals that pre-game, “Brandon was ready to flip out in an air-conditioned office.” If it was clear to a mild-mannered, nice guy of a journalist that Brandon was ready to freak out, that could not have gone unnoticed by producers."They're a fun couple," says Probst, who was treated to a barbeque at their Florida home not long ago. And he acknowledges, "I didn't always treat people in relationships especially well, so I've tried to make amends and move forward." There was zero communication to the outside world available to him while shooting Survivor's very first season.But Probst, who has had "a ton of individual therapy over the years," says his own life has suffered because of the travel demands of the show. But since then, he has had access to e-mail or "bad cellphone" reception, he says.

For the record, Jeff Probst said pre-season that because Brandon “was so combustible,” “we all kind of thought, hmmm, not sure we should ever bring him back.

They will continue to co-parenting their two-year-old daughter Nora, they added.

'They are dedicated to loving and parenting their daughter, Nora, and ask for privacy.' The couple's romance and former Costco-worker Jeff's role in helping police track down the terrorists behind the attack inspired the film Stronger starring Jake Gylenhall and Tatiana Maslany. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter it will go ahead unchanged despite the recent announcement.

Survivor Caramoan‘s fifth episode last night was the culmination of everything that has been wrong with Survivor in recent years, all magnified and held up into the light so that it’s deepest ugliness was clearly revealed.

The contrast is so striking, so profound, that it’s devastating. Drew and diagnose someone I’ve only seen on a heavily edited TV show, but the episode came close to doing so, trying to establish Brandon as crazy, but mostly by having the other cast members describe him that way.

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