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Sure, you'll still see glaciers here, but snowfall amounts only to about 37in per year (compared to 75in in Anchorage) and the sun actually sets in June.Temperatures are tolerable, not much below freezing in the winter and not much above 70 in the summer.This article references several Internet websites that no longer exist or have new web addresses.The links to these old sites are highlighted in yellow. To search for these archived pages copy the link of interest from these pages to the address box on the Wayback Machine.

Maybe you have heard of “Baptists” all your life but never realized there are actually dozens of Baptist groups.

As the salad bowl of the world, it's constantly absorbing new people, cultures, and ideas from around the planet.

Over centuries, that has made a nonsense game of many state lines. Sometimes it's because it just looks different, and whenever visitors arrive their first words are "I can't believe THIS is Iowa!

The first began during the Jacksonian Era and led to widespread use of imprisonment and rehabilitative labor as the primary penalty for most crimes in nearly all states by the time of the American Civil War.

The second began after the Civil War and gained momentum during the Progressive Era, bringing a number of new mechanisms—such as parole, probation, and indeterminate sentencing—into the mainstream of American penal practice.

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