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71% of youth ‘know a little about available family planning services’ and 9% ‘don’t know anything about family planning’ whereas 26% of 20-24 year said they know quite a lot / a great deal about contraception and family planning, compared to 17% of 15-19 year old.

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“One transgender lady was kidnapped and was taken to a rehab centre for many days.” But the LGBT community, while under the disguise of secret names, are starting to use social media to interact and meet within their fellow community.Rockets and Space brand is attractive, engaging and youth friendly.The project has been succeeded to reach youth; - 18,265 youths received personalized SRH information through one-on-one counselling at centers and via helpline- 72,285 calls, SMS and instant messages in social media (21,401 SMS from radio program, Facebook: 81 messages, 31,623 engagement and 17,956 daily likes) - 1,674,299 youths have access to information on SRH (44,823 pop-up SRH sessions, 720,000 radio program listener ship and 909,073 Facebook daily reach)For more information on Youth Project follow us in Facebook.“There’s conflicts from the families, their properties are labelled as forbidden, they are asked to leave home, they are forced to clean the streets, and all this leads to internal conflict.” “Even lesbians are forced to get married.” And for some LGBT youth, drastic measures are taken as an attempt to ‘cure’ them.Medications and counseling are used by parents in an attempt to rid their children of their sexual and gender differences.

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