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The simple form used in this lesson has one text input field for the end user to enter text and a Submit button.When the end user clicks the Submit button, the simple servlet is invoked to process the end user input.The columns have field names such as Product Name and Quantity. Note that there should not be any spaces in the field names.The products database used in this example is very simple.: 706239 WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED IS FIRED EVEN WHEN THE BUTTON IS DISABLED OFMPE079 719399 SET_ITEM_PROPERTY('ITEM', POPUPMENU_COPY_ITEM, DISPLAYED) HIDES ITEM OFMP 730686 C/S: MAGIC MENU ITMS CUT/COPY/PSTE NOT ENABLING/DISABLING PROPERLY (TRIAG 750592 JAVA: LAYOUT WIZARD: FOCUS DOESNOT MOVE TO FINISH BUTTON AUTOMATICALLY.788091 APPS6 : NLS: INCOMPLETE HEBREW MESSAGE OF MPE0199 812692 TAO60 : FORMS : CHARECTER MODE : F60RUN AND F60GEN GIVES ERROR.] A servlet is an extension to a server that enhances the server's functionality.The most common use for a servlet is to extend a web server by providing dynamic web content.

Http Servlet Response; @Web Servlet("/Registration Servlet") public class Registration Servlet extends Http Servlet ) Prepared Statement update User Info = (Prepared Statement) conn .prepare Statement("insert into user Info ( User Name, user PW) values(? )"); //since first column is AI, no need to include that for updates update User String(1, n User); update User String(2, n PW); update User Info.execute Update(); now my data is being saved in the user Info Db and serial# is being auto incremented.C - FIX FOR BUG 1720489 *D2K6I MERGE*: PLS MERGE TO MAINLINE/M/FORMS/SRC/SOSD/SIXP.C - BUGFIX 17 1764453 APPS6: STACKED CANVAS ON TABS WITH VIEWPORT X POSITION DISPLAYED INCORRE 1781344 VALUES IN GLOBAL PL/SQL VARIABLES ARE NOT RETAINED 1783383 APPS6: NLS: HEWBREW RUNFORMBUNDLE_IW CAUSES JAVA. ILLEGALARGUMENTEXCE 1806515 APPS6: ADS: LAYOUT EDITOR WON'T OPEN IF BEAN ITEM IMPLEMENTATION CLASS M 1815329 APPS6: JINIT1.3 JDK1.4 PLUGIN - INSERTION CURSOR SHOWN ON ALL LOV BUTTONS 1821428 RESIZING FORM'S MDI WINDOW, SOMETIMES CLIENT WILL LOOP AND HOURGLASS WIL 1869891 WRONG ERROR MESSAGE DELETE RECORD IN TABLE WITH FOREIGN KEY INITIALLY DE 1888314 LOSS OF DATA WHEN MULTI-TASKING 1909866 CLICKING ON HIERARCHICAL TREE HIDES OTHER CANVAS 1940579 NLS: TRANSTATE NEW MESSAGE IN UIXX.Web servers display documents written in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and respond to user requests using the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP).HTTP is the protocol for moving hypertext files across the internet.

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