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Guests: Sam Biddle In a land of endless options, it’s an unenviable task to come up with a list of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. She joins us to discuss her list of “99 Essential Restaurants.” Guests: Besha Rodell A 2008 law that was supposed to help regulate California’s massage parlors -- and crack-down on illegal ones -- is about to expire.

Critics say the law just protected the industry and didn’t do what it was supposed to. White A new study of the sex trade in eight US cities sheds some light on a business that’s conducted mostly in the dark.

Of those, 25 have involved charges being made against asylum seekers, new figures have revealed On January 7, tabloid newspaper Osterreich revealed that sex attacks had not just been carried out in the German city of Cologne over New Year's Eve, but also in Austria where there had been systematic attacks by young refugees on women.

However, in an answer to an official parliamentary question earlier this week by the opposition Team Stronach Party, the paper says that its original story was not only proved correct, but that the real situation was far worse than previously thought.

Meanwhile, the tech company behind the “Candy Crush” game expects to be worth more than 7.5 billion dollars when it goes public later this month. Banner Image Credit: Thomas Hawk Producers: Andrew Walsh Christian Bordal Matt Holzman Jolie Myers Anna Scott Housing prices are on the rise in Southern California, in some places much more than others.

In Venice, a house that the website Curbed LA described as a “hideous shack” is on the market for one and a half million dollars.

At a meeting with childhood friends he announces the name for his future son.

The scandalous name ignites a discussion which surfaces unpleasant matters from the past of the group. Hell, is a promiscuous and reckless teenager with absent upper class parents that does not study or work and spends her time going to night-clubs, using cocaine and ...

Sex attacks are at their highest level for years in Austria with an average of 12 new cases being reported every day.

Then a poster of the film Pour la peau d'un flic is briefly shown. See more » I think this part of the official IMDb page sums everything up: Trivia While writing the script, Michel Leclerc and Baya Kasmi didn't have a full story, but rather sixty pages of situations stemming from the idea of a girl who sleeps with her political opponents. The movie makes you laugh sometimes but we have seen the Manic Pixie Dream Girl so many times that it isn't charming anymore. The worst part of the movie is how everything solves rather quickly and there are so many loose ends.

You will have a good time but it is not at all the masterpiece some commenters here argue it is.

ICANN is the body appointed by the US government to oversee internet addresses.

In 2004, ICANN decided that new top level domains would either be ICANN-controlled ‘generic’ domains or ‘sponsored’ domains run by a private organisation for the benefit of a specific online community.

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