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Construction of Le Vaisilika Funeral business (a failed business investment) started but not finished with Tamapaa Vaisilika Tuigamala from Faleasiu.After six years of nothing, it is now subject to a k civil case before the Samoan Supreme Court. This post explains the core cultural differences between the Western (Palagi) ways/value-systems/culture and the Samoan ones.These are all examples from a local Samoan context. And when it read, I’m intrigued by the responses to the sex (in all its forms and expressions in the books, both positive and negative) from Samoan women and men.I know that when Albert Wendt’s first books came out, they were banned in a few places.While many Samoans cope with such confusion by relying on their deeply held Christian beliefs, negative emotions are also dealt with in traditional ways not so often reported by the press.In every Samoan village a traditional healer quietly goes about her (and occasionally his) business of healing not only the physical, but also the psychological ailments inflicted by a society in transition.When visiting, guests will be made very welcome, but there are certain practices that should be followed so as not to offend Samoan culture.

No Maori wants to admit that but the language is almost identical; they are both Polynesian and before they took on their own identity in New Zealand they were Samoans way back when.

Or why ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ was on the list – when it has racism and rape in it. “The woman writes about vaginas on the first few pages of her book and says the F word a lot. Figiel’s books are studied in many countries, especially whenever Pacific Literature is being critiqued.

Or why Macbeth is on the list – when it has mass murder and witchcraft in it. No way will I allow my daughter to go.” Another time, a university lecturer talked about her unwillingness to touch Figiel’s work in her classes, because of the ‘unnecessary sexuality’. I find it quite telling that a landmark work like Figiel’s, doesnt seem to be more widely read among those who she writes about.

I first came to Samoa in Q4 2009, immediately following the Samoa Tsunami on 29 September and have pretty much stayed here since.

I went back and sold up home and businesses but have been here nigh on seven years now.

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