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Supermodel-turned-photographer Helena Christensen has silenced recent rumours she's dating Josh Hartnett by stepping out with Interpol rocker PAUL BANKS.The odd couple, separated in age by almost 10 years, has been pictured kissing and cuddling in New York's West Village.If anything, I'm trying to draw attention away from the notion of a persona this time.Supermodel Helena Christensen is dating Interpol frontman Paul Banks, according to People magazine."Julian Plenti was something that I had to do, but once it was done, I didn't need to hold on to it.I didn't want the burden of shtick for these songs.She said, "I can state that Josh and I are super close friends and have never even remotely been a couple.I have dated someone else quietly for half a year now, and I'm fine with saying that, so that the silly and repetitive rumours about me and Josh can be buried!

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She was also reportedly spotted at recent Interpol gigs.Christensen has an eight-year-old son – who is a child chess prodigy – with former partner Norman Reedus.Advertisers are not allowed to run annoying ads on RYM.Banks' first ostensibly solo album found him assuming the alter ego of Julian Plenti.He jettisoned the nom de plume for this semi-eponymous album, Banks, credited to Paul Banks (as was its preceding EP).

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