Negative mind thoughts dating

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They complain about poor quality candidates, lack of available suitors and the betrayal of past loves.

Many give up, convincing themselves that a healthy relationship isn't all it's cracked up to be.

): It might sound obvious, but you don't realize how often we are half in and half out with our goals. That's right, we are often so quick to jump to the positive thinking and an insist we are magically not going to think bad any more.

We say we want something, but we still doubt it will happen or HOW it will happen. I hate to break it to you, but your mind doesn't work that way.

Or when your long-distance relationship partner cannot reply your texts earlier due to time differences and the fact that s/he might be busy, you may automatically assume that maybe s/he is having an affair and doesn’t care about you.

You might accuse the salesgirl for being rude and thinking she might think you don’t have money.

When in fact she might just had a terrible morning and argued with her boyfriend on the phone beforehand. You felt good but the other party did not contact you later.

Yea, they will probably get added to the never ending “goals unfinished” list you already have. What if you could work on quieting those negative thoughts and freeing up the space in your brain?

Even better, what if you could replace them with positive thoughts? Here is my step-by-step plan for stopping negative thinking (I encourage you to give it a try! Whatever it is you need to clear on this choice because when negative thoughts creep back in you will need to start back at this point.

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