Myolie wu dating deaf and dump dating

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Today, Myolie suddenly posted a hugging photo with a man on her Weibo and wrote, “I have found it!” Many fans are excited over her post and have been speculating if the TVB actress is announcing her new romance.Myolie: But after I got to know you, I think your too noisy!

Currently in a very stable relationship with boyfriend Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu hopes her good sister Mandy Wong can find her happiness too, and does not mind being her match-maker., Elaine revealed that Bosco did not appear to be in dampened spirits, as reported earlier by tabloids. I do not sense that he is unhappy,” Elaine commented on Bosco’s demeanor on the set of A Good Heart Goes Haywire.Although Elaine is Myolie’s good friend, Bosco has not asked about her about Myolie.Was it a one-sided decision when TVB actor Bosco Wong chose to go public about his relationship with actress Myolie Wu?Myolie was recently in town for a promotional event, together with other celebs including Matthew Ko, Sharon Chan and Anthony Neely.

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