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Running game, or pickup, is based on seduction, which itself is based on courtship, an archaic medievel tradition where talented commoners come to the noble court, and try to woo or “seduce” female members of the nobility. “se·duce: When you approach an attractive woman, you aren’t wooing an unmarried princess, trying to entice her to violate her vow of chastity before she is politically betrothed to some rich, land-owning Duke. Society teaches men to think this way, and so women have to adapt by hiding their sexuality. It’s easier, and more effective to focus on Leadership – Sexual Leadership – with women.

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You aren’t doing anything bad, although as men, we are brainwashed into thinking that women don’t like sex as much as we, and that if a woman has sex, she is “bad” or “slutty.” So when a man wants to sleep with a woman, he senses he is trying to get her to do something she shouldn’t do… And you’ll be shocked when you realize that the most attractive, in-demand women are actually the easiest, if you use this system.

The best thing is that it’s designed to work best with the most beautiful women because they are exposed to the most “game,” being run by the smoothest players.

Along my journey, I found that most “dating advice” out there was straight up BS and cheap tricks.

So I decided to start this blog to filter the best advice from the crap and the best products from the scams.

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