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Aiken and her colleagues investigated how nurse workloads compared in three states, California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.Aiken examined how patient mortality and failure-to-rescue (FTR), incidents where hospital doctors, nurses, or caregivers fail to notice symptoms or respond adequately to signs that a patient is dying of preventable complications, are affected by differences in nurse workloads.

Staffing ratios are designed to improve patient mortality and nurse retention.

Markowitz doesn't think at all that in California legislated nurse-patient ratios were a failure.

739 (Boxer, D-California) or California’s nurse staffing law, A. coverage during meals, breaks, in-service training, or other RN absences from the unit. Ratios are to be followed every second of every shift, every day.

The ratios were also determined to decrease patient complaints, job dissatisfaction, burnout and the likelihood that RNs would seek work elsewhere, among other positive effects.

“The results of this study make us very proud to have fought so hard for state-mandated staffing ratios,” stated Kathy J. “As a union of RNs, we already knew more nurses at the bedside enhance the quality of patient care.

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