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With that concept came the creation of Earth, a site for businesses and organizations to purchase webcams and Earth Cam's proprietary software to manage their camera networks.Earth Cam and other live webcam services have resulted in a huge impact upon entertainment and business, allowing for online "travel," meetings, and easy access to knowledge. Outlined by security consultant Egor Homakov, the hack brings in a few old tricks to work around Flash’s requirement that a user explicitly grants a website permission before it can access their camera or microphone.

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As the company grew, Earth Cam expanded beyond building its network of tourism cameras and extended its reach into other industries by developing and delivering technology for many applications in verticals including construction, transportation, and surveillance.Some of the most provocative profiles on Grindr aren’t men at all, but spambots designed to lure credulous users into turning over their credit-card information.The links all point to questionable webcam sites with names like My Passion Pit, My Gay Cam Crush and Gay Slice Crush.Expanding beyond the pages of its flagship site, Earth, Earth Cam's network of websites has grown to include Earth, Web Cam, and Earth Cam, which cater to both consumers and professionals.The latest layer to be turned on in Google Maps is one for webcams.

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