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She encourages many women to learn and keep the Persian vocal arts.

Most of her later materials were recorded outside Iran where she enjoys great fame with the Iranian diaspora and in world music circles.[1] She has been living in Iran despite the restrictions in her career as she thinks it is so important to live in Iran.

as in albums Songs from a Persian Garden, I Am Eve and Twinklings of Hope.

Her music style is contemporary expression inspired by old traditional and folk and regional music of Iran that she developed for many years and it is the result of work with many musicians from Iran and other countries. In her music she also developed dialogue between other cultures in a high artistic quality and she got a huge response internationally.Sound All i can say about the japanese sound is that the opening was really funny and fit perfectly the anime.More than that i can't say but for the ones who know spanish i recommend the dubs, it was the best spanish dubbing i've seen.The text of her work is contemporary texts of different Iranian poets and classic poetry of Persian poets such as Hafez, Rumi, Hallaj and Tahereh Ghoratolein.She has released materials with her sister Marjan Vahdat (in Persian مرجان وحدت).

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