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I work a lot = I literally don't do anything else.15.

Looking for someone who's active = Looking for someone who's thin.16.

As cat owners themselves, Sonny and Joan completely understand where you’re coming from, which is why they created

The first dating site of its kind, Purrsonals unites cat lovers from around the world for lifelong friendships, quality dates, and, most importantly, everlasting love.

“With people getting older and becoming empty-nesters, they are caring more about their pets,” Sonny said.

But isn’t just for seniors or empty-nesters — it’s great for cat lovers of all ages.

A man who does not conform to the norms of society and is capable of having a real f*cking conversation is a win. So when they invite you over to “Netflix and chill,” they truly mean it.

While they probably are still trying to f*ck you, their intentions are to watch a great movie and enjoy your company.

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Cats are only affectionate toward their owners, and you must earn their love. A man who is only into dogs does not work for love and chases the easy catches.

The stigma of cat lovers has slowly faded away over years after the Internet made them famous.

But, the stigma about men owning cats still remains: They are unsexy.

Featuring a 70-minute video reel culled from 15,000 international submissions, the event is produced not by some morning radio gabfest but by the venerable Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, one of the nation's pre-eminent institutions of contemporary art.

The selected videos, curated by first "Golden Kitty" winner Will Braden, will travel to other feline-inspired events.

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