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Take a walk down a billboard-filled street, pick up a magazine, turn on the TV, or watch a movie, and witness one of the most elaborate vanishing acts of all time: In the United States, 67% of women wear a size 14 and above, but these women make up less than 2% of the images we see in media.And when they are seen, it’s rarely a fair portrait — they're almost never portrayed as sexy. I wear what I want, regardless of my size, and I don't hesitate to post sexy pictures on my Instagram.In the video above, I project the aforementioned photos on New York City buildings in major intersections and talk to the people on the street about what they think.It's not a stretch to say that I've endured my fair share of fat-shaming throughout my life, so I was prepared for laughter, pointing, and gasps. But the support and admiration observers expressed (even before they realized the woman in the pictures was me) was overwhelming.Gone is the flab, all you seen now is a fit and fab Pari.Clad in her gym wear Chopra is seen doing some yoga poses and exercises in the pictures.

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These image was posted on Instagram by Parineeti Chopra.As much as it's a cliché, I believe that my confidence is truly the thing that drives my sexiness.I happen to love the way my stomach looks in a two-piece bathing suit and how strong my legs are, but that doesn't mean it doesn't take constant work to mentally accept my body (as I'm sure is the case with women of any size, unfortunately). When I recount my dating history, I realize that all kinds of people are attracted to my confidence, as well as my refusal to be negative about body size.You just can't miss this picture of Amitabh Bachchan's granddaughter, Navya Naveli looking extremely stunning in a bikini.The star kid gave followers a major holiday envy as she flaunted her svelte figure in an itsy-bitsy bikini.

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