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Strea Mate is one of the hottest webcam sites with some of the hottest models on the internet today!

In order to prevent minors’ exposure to full nudity and adult material we require there to be no below the belt nudity in free chat.

(lol) Then I was like and as long as you are rich lol....

Then the guy is like I make more than you do in a week stupid bitch.

LOL I got grounded by Streamate for 3 days because I was bad. I don't show my cunt for gold either..ass and tits. The funny part of the e-mail was this "You can not offer gold for flashing in guest" Good ol Streamate! I got introuble for showing my vag while flashing my ass (Bent over to far) And they said that you can show tits , not ass.

I guess you can't have a banner (if you have the old encoder...) stating what you will flash for tips.

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