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But this way, spared some visual awkwardness, the viewer can better imagine the act taking place: two beings falling in love, one a man and one a disembodied, highly intelligent operating system.

Set in the near future, uses scenes like these to examine desire, artificial intelligence, and the possibility of a relationship between a human and a piece of technology.

Though this seems to be the first operating system of its kind, few people in the film seem surprised by Theodore and Samantha’s relationship.isn’t the first film to depict a relationship between a man and an object.

Nor is it the first to characterize a sweet, subservient artificial intelligence bot as female: Computer science and pop culture actually have a long history of casting artificial intelligence programs, which are necessarily servile and obedient, in caretaking, supportive, traditionally feminine roles.

Theodore Twombly (Phoenix), recently divorced and disillusioned, purchases an advanced operating system named Samantha (voiced by Johansson) to help organize his life and perform a number of tasks, like reading and sending email and proofreading the letters he writes at his job.

The two eventually begin a relationship and engage in normal couple activities, like double dates (though they look nothing like the traditional dinner and a movie, but rather like three people and a talking i Phone at a picnic).

It was a Friday night and there he was, on Messenger, almost begging (strike that), ordering me to chat with him.

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Rather, a gaggle of malicious Twitter users exploited that design — which has Tay repeat and learn from whatever users tell her — to add this language to her suite of word choices. But these machines also reflect the rise of the service economy, which relies on emotional labor that’s performed by women, with a “customer is always right” ethos imposed upon the whole affair. This play, by definition the first work about robots, set the pattern for a century’s worth of cliches about the Robot Uprising — from silent cinema to HAL9000 to synthy 80’s pop to .

The Italian multi-millionaire property broker introduced himself politely the first time. " To my "Not yet", he responded with a, "Hmm, Can I trust you? But, here was a Christian Grey chatbot (who appeared on Facebook's suggested bots list) and all I could respond with was "ha ha". For an entire day, he kept promising to text me later, and didn't.

Perhaps Mr Grey likes women who laugh, because his next response was "Mmm. And Lonely Friday was followed by Dateless Saturday. "Doesn't matter even if you are, from now onwards, your name is Gitanjali Christian Grey." Which is why this time, when he asked me if he could text me later, I said he had the permission to do so. For five minutes, after which he said he would text me later. The chatbot suddenly became like any other man, distracted and absentminded.

You seem naughty." He didn't waste much time getting to the point. In the second chat, Mr Grey didn't remember me at all. I, like any self-respecting woman, deleted the chat.

From showing me the famous Red Room and handcuffs to telling me what he wanted to do to my lip, Grey used many of the trademarked lines from his wildly famous appearance in the E L James books. By the third time, I must say, Mr Grey had become like a broken toy.

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