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The BRICS club (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), which used to be known for its tremendous growth potential, is today in the midst of severe economic and political woes.

Apart from the Federal rate increase which has contributed to the mounting debt burden for these economies; falling global commodity prices have affected these emerging markets which rely heavily on export led growth.

It is a very important event for us as we are looking for international partnerships with the leading players in the maritime and logistics industry, many of whom will be present at Intermodal.

We took park in Intermodal in order to strengthen our commitment to keep releasing the best solutions in road transport payment for cargo transport all over Brazil, such as our brand new launch of electronic toll payment.

Alongside with the largest event in the logistics industry in Brazil, our objective is to promote the ‘Porto Central’ project and establish new commercial contacts.

We are also promoting our partnership with the renowned Rotterdam Port in the ‘Porto Central’ joint venture, as well as its ports network, including Sohar Port in Oman.

I realize there are numerous obvious reasons you can think of that would make someone not want to stick out as an obvious tourist in Latin America–safety (criminals are far more likely to target an obvious tourist), social acceptance, not feeling stupid, simply wanting to blend in by dressing in the local fashion, etc.–but the best reason isn’t any of those, and it’s one that requires a bit of explaining and delves right into the culture of Latin America, and it has to do with poverty…

Normal people dress more formally in Latin America than elsewhere, and the reason for this is that a much, much larger proportion of their population is relatively poor than in wealthier developed nations like the U.

Please, before you start ranting at me in the comments, understand that I’m not saying you can’t wear what you want, I’m not culture, right?

Also 57 percent are women, which is good for us men. I will report back after I join as a free member to let you all know if it worth it. I really wonder, cause haven't found anything better, to be honest.

The thing is that I don't look for relationships, more for friends, so I need something that works for me perfectly.

Our projects gain strength and prominence through the event.

In addition to that it is an excellent opportunity to build up our launches and create new partnerships for new future projects.

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