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This MTSU curriculum is FAA approved under 14 CFR Part 141, and allows students to be trained to proficiency instead of requiring minimum flight times.

MTSU’s Professional Pilot curriculum has been recognized by the FAA so that graduates may receive credit up to 500 flight hours toward the Restricted Airline Transport Pilot certificate.

To prepare for these opportunities, Pro Pilot students must complete flight operations coursework and achieve pilot certification up to and including the Commercial Multi-engine Certificate with an Instrument Rating.

Students receive extensive experience in all aspects of the flight environment, culminating in a turbine aircraft transition course.

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Casual’s biggest selling point is Michaela Watkins, the excellent improv actress who has long-deserved a project worthy of her talents and has had a career mottled with woefully brief projects.

MTSU has a rich history of teaching students to fly, dating back to WWII when flight training took place right on campus.

Today, graduates from the Professional Pilot program fly for every major US airline, at dozens of regional airlines, and for corporations and government agencies.

Meanwhile, the advent of the premium-cable dramedy has granted writers the latitude to depict their frustrations with the decline of face-to-face interaction in dark stories that flout sitcom conventions.

Because shows like Girls and Togetherness exist at the intersection of these two phenomena, Casual, Hulu’s new dark comedy series, is driving directly into a traffic jam.

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