Dating k98 bayonet sheath dating in junior high

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The lower scabbard fitting has some light dents, with the ball flattened. The cuff title features the unit number "5" embroidered onto the band in medium gauge aluminum bullion-wrapped wire.

The rippled upper and lower edge borders are also aluminum wire.

This reference is by no means exhaustive, but does cover many of the bayonets encountered on the collector’s market today, as well as some rare and unusual specimens. It currently includes over 440 bayonets from 65 countries; plus more than 100 frogs and related items.Frog is marked as 1940 made 4th INTENDENTURA which translates as something like supply department (thank you Adam Lubas). This is marked H Carson and Co Ottowa on the hilt strap which is the lead contractor, there are no other makers marks identifiable, only 22 on back and 2 on the front French emergency bayonet frog from FP war was supplied to Chile, an example is shown in the Chilean army museum and is marked as supplied by a French company, Pictures supplied by Andrs Humberto Seplveda Salinas A full harness containing magazine pouches etc. The bandolier was made for the Spahis French North African Light cavalry recruited from Algeria and Morocco.This is a copy sold by IMA Interesting conversion of a French 1886 Lebel frog possibly to take an S98 type bayonet.Argentina decided to upgrade equipment in 1955 and changed between 1955-1965 from a Germanized uniform (grey earlier, brown later, always with brown leathers) & Mauser's to an US styled uniform (all green) & FALs, we switched (gradually...) from Mauser to FAL from 1960.On 1979-1981 we started to use green synthetic web, former contractor was German Tempe, made here by MONOCROMO S. under Tempe license, on 1984-85 they went on bankruptcy...

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