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S., Relations among Latino and Chicano populations, Migrant and adult education Department: Teacher Education Title: Associate Professor Expertise: Intellectual disabilities, Students with significant support needs, Model K-12 program evaluation, Coaching and improvement, Transition, Positive behavior support, Effective behavior management Department: School of Professional Studies Title: Director of the One World One Water Center for Urban Water Education and Stewardship Expertise: Water resources management and development, Water education, Water history, Water law, Water policy Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology Title: Professor Expertise: Race and crime, Social causes of crime, The death penalty, Women and crime, Juvenile delinquency, Poverty and crime, Prison culture, Criminal justice and the media Department: Aviation and Aerospace Science Title: Affiliate Faculty Expertise: Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Policy on unmanned aircraft at a state or federal level, FAA integration of unmanned aircraft into the national airspace, Training requirements for operating UAS, Safety issues with UAS, Privacy issues with UAS Department: Chicana/o Studies Title: Professor, Chair Expertise: Latino public policy issues and concerns, Diversity in American society, Chicana/o studies, Latino youth leadership development, Poetry Department: Marketing Title: Director, International Business Programs Expertise: Global business, Emerging markets, Transcultural competency, Cross-cultural relationship marketing, International channel development, Indirect sales distribution and Corporate counter terrorism Department: Marketing Title: Senior Lecturer Expertise: Image and brand for candidates and parties, Green marketing, Green products and issues, Sustainability and social responsibility, Sports marketing, Direct marketing, Business-to-business marketing, Retail marketing, Consumerism, Promotion strategies, Baby Boomer marketing, Internet marketing, Super Bowl ads Department: Political Science Title: Associate Professor Expertise: International relations, International ethics, Poverty and debt forgiveness, Humanitarian intervention, Human rights, Private military companies Department: Aviation and Aerospace Science Title: Associate Professor Expertise: Flying or pilot issues to include crew resource management, human factors, stress and fatigue, Aerospace related issues to private or commercial space or NASA related events Department: Aviation and Aerospace Science Title: Affiliate Professor Expertise: Space Exploration; Spacecraft design, build, test; Space mission operations; Commercial space; Space weather including solar activity and geomagnetic storms; Spaceflight hazards for humans and spacecraft Department: Hospitality, Tourism and Events Title: Professor Expertise: Hotel management and administration, Diversity in the workplace, Hotel security and loss prevention, Hospitality risk management, Hotel and employee recruiting Department: Psychology Title: Professor Expertise: Child cognitive development, Infant attachment and temperament, Child emotional development, Use of psychological testing in child education, Child development of gender roles, Use of psychological theory to guide child education, Women's studies Department: Human Services Title: Professor Emerita Expertise: Alcohol and drug addiction, Counseling substance abusers, Nutrition and addiction, Pharmacology of drugs and alcohol, Ethics in addiction counseling Department: Human Services Title: Deputy Provost - Academic and Student Affairs Expertise: Eating disorders, Body image, Grief and loss related to death, disease, jobs and amputations, Adult mental health, Women's mental health, Depression, Anxiety, Mental health ethics, Living with a chronic illness Department: Psychology Title: Assistant Professor Expertise: Anything psychology: Addiction, Relationships, Therapeutic change, Psychopathology, Sex and gender, Sports psychology, Communication, etc.

Department: Psychology Title: Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs Expertise: Animal abuse, Maltreatment of animals, Relationship between violence toward animals and violence toward humans, Animal abuse within the context of domestic violence, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Antisocial behavior Department: Theatre Title: Chair, Professor Expertise: Theatre, Musical theatre, Collaborative play development, Directing processes, Teaching theatre and ensemble techniques, Performance of literature Department: Chemistry Title: Associate Professor and Program Director of Criminalistics Expertise: Forensic chemistry (drugs, explosives, arson, paint analysis, gun-shot residue, blood alcohol testing, etc.) Department: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Title: Chair, Professor Expertise: Alternative energy sources, Climate change, Mountain environments, Glacial and periglacial geomorphology, Geographic information systems, Remote sensing Department: Communication Arts and Sciences Title: Assistant Professor Expertise: Rhetoric and digital media: influence and persuasion in sports, politics and economics, especially the role of emotion and digital media in influencing and persuading Department: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Title: Associate Professor Expertise: Applied geology and mineralogy which includes volcanology and hydrogeology (groundwater), Kimberlites (diamond bearing rocks) and diamonds, Rare Earth elements and mining, Gemstones, Gemology, Geology and religion Department: Mechanical Engineering/Engineering Technology Title: Associate Professor Expertise: CAD, 3D Printing, Green manufacturing, Sustainable engineering, Composites manufacturing, Environmentally conscious manufacturing, Automated design and product development Department: Communication Arts and Sciences Title: Lecturer Expertise: Communication design, The science of teaching and learning, Public speaking (specifically neural processing of spoken language), Physician-patient communication, Physician assessment, Education, Behavior modification, Clinical communication skills, Financial planning Department: English Title: Associate Professor Expertise: Writing, Professional writing, Plagiarism and source use, Satire and parody, New media, Multigenre and multimodal composition, Universal Design for Learning Department: Economics Title: Professor Expertise: Macroeconomic issues, International trade, Globalization issues, Outsourcing, Inflation, Currency values, India-related topics, Indian economic issues Department: Communication Arts and Sciences Title: Affiliate Professor Expertise: Public speaking, Interpersonal communication, Fundamentals of communication, Leadership, How fairy tales and folk tales affect our personal and professional lives Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology Title: Associate Professor Expertise: Crime and marijuana, Medical marijuana, Demography of crime, School-to-prison pipeline, History of the U. drug war Department: Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences Title: Associate Professor Expertise: American Sign Language, Children with hearing loss and education needs and rights, Hearing loss etiologies, Newborn hearing and screening Department: Modern Language Title: Director of Learning Communities and First Year Success Expertise: Spanish language, Literature, Teaching, Contemporary trends in foreign language study, Translation, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood), Investigative trends in SIDS and SUDC research Department: Political Science Title: Associate Professor Expertise: American foreign and military policy, Democracy, European politics, International law, Political theory, International security, Politics and the media, U. foreign policy and security, European law Department: Human Performance and Sport Title: Affiliate Professor Expertise: Strength training for all ages, Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, Athletic conditioning, Weightlifting and powerlifting officiating Department: Teacher Education Title: Associate Professor Expertise: Literacy development for diverse learners (kids in poverty, with disabilities, or English learners), Ethics and regulations for the protection of human subjects in research, Response to intervention Department: African and African American Studies Title: Interim Chair and Associate Professor Expertise: African politics, culture and education, Democratic transitions and development in Southern Africa, African political economy, African conflicts, Conflict resolutions in Africa Department: Hospitality, Tourism and Events Title: Affiliate Professor Expertise: Advertising, Marketing, Beer industry marketing and promotions, Brand strategy and positioning, Marketing communications, Shopper marketing, Promotions and events, Digital and social media (particularly in the alcohol beverage sector) Department: Journalism and Technical Communication Title: Associate Professor Expertise: Digital media, Distance learning, E-learning, Virtual environments, Social networks and media, Instructional design, Technology adoption Department: Economics Title: Associate Professor Expertise: Securities and business law and regulation, Insider trading, Business economics, Stock exchanges, Securities and regulation, Economic analysis of political decisions, Economic analysis of campaign contributions, Business ethics, Economics of immigration, Economic analysis of foreign policy Department: Mathematical and Computer Sciences Title: Associate Professor Expertise: Applications and implications of technology, Technology literacy for students, Technology in classroom, Software engineering, Artificial intelligence, Software development management, Multimedia and hypermedia production, Human-computer interaction, Ergonomics Department: Social Work Title: Associate Dean - College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Expertise: Acculturation and assimilation changes in the U.

Latinos may suffer disproportionate harms from dating violence because they may be less likely to report the problem or to seek help.

A study led by RAND Corporation psychologist Lisa Jaycox assessed the effectiveness of a school-based program tailored to Latino students in inner-city public high schools.

Discreetly disclosing the relationship to your superior enables them to effectively manage the situation and prepare for any complaints co-workers may make, or conflicts of interest.It could be something as simple as a run away script or learning how to better use E-utilities, for more efficient work such that your work does not impact the ability of other researchers to also use our site.To restore access and understand how to better interact with our site to avoid this in the future, please have your system administrator contact [email protected]: Economics Title: Professor Expertise: Domestic and international economics, Middle East and Africa economics, Eurodollar, Money and banking, OPEC, Stock market, Wall Street, Global Energy, Democracy in the Arab world, Islamic fundamentalism, The New Iraq, Islamic banking and finance, Democracy and Islam Department: Social Work Title: Interim Chair, Professor Expertise: Child psychology, Equity issues in the classroom, Multicultural service learning, Cross-cultural psychology, Gender and diversity, Psychology of gender, Psychology of women, Human trafficking (including sex and labor), Women's health Department: Teacher Education Title: Assistant Professor Expertise: Disproportionality in discipline, Addressing challenging behaviors of children, Child care licensing regulations, Cultural competence Department: Marketing Title: Associate Professor Expertise: International or global marketing, including Russian and Indian markets, Russian business development, Free trade agreements in global markets, Intellectual property protection in global markets, Creativity in business practice, Consumer behavior and technology, Experiential learning in business and Marketing education.Department: Human Performance and Sport Title: Professor Expertise: Interview skills for young physical educators, Single-sex and coed physical education class structures, K-12 Physical Education, Girls and women in sport Department: Mathematical and Computer Sciences Title: Professor Expertise: Computer security and crime, Firewalls, Viruses, Internet blogs, Software development, Protecting children, Internet consumerism and safety, Identity theft Department: Teacher Education Title: Department Chair and Associate Professor Expertise: Curriculum Design: Backwards design (Understanding by Design – widely used in Colorado), General instructional practices (planning, assessment, classroom management), Curricular alignment with State/Common Core standards, Formative assessment, Performance-based assessment, Project-based learning, New teacher induction, Effective mentoring practices for new teachers, Teacher preparation, Social studies as a subject area, Teacher retention, Professional development Department: Journalism and Technical Communication Title: Professor Expertise: Photojournalism, Social documentary, Visual communication, Multimedia and convergent journalism, Electronic dissemination, Still photography including black and white darkroom and archival silver print Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology Title: Associate Professor Expertise: Community corrections, Prison rehabilitation, Inmate-correctional officer relations, Court services, Female white collar criminals, Gender stereotypes in the media, Cognitive-behavioral rehabilitation, Juvenile sex offenders, Private prisons Department: Management Title: Associate Professor Expertise: Industrial & organizational psychology, Job analysis, Test development and validation, Performance appraisal & management, Employee training, Assessment centers, Employee attitudes & perceptions Department: Human Services Title: Chair and Associate Professor, Director of the Center for High Risk Youth Studies Expertise: Ethics, LGBTQ issues, High-risk adolescents and youth, Gang issues, Gang culture, Gang indoctrination, Transition from gang life, Addictions and recovery, Drugs and school districts, Underage drinking, Addictions (Substance abuse and behavioral addictions such as gambling and sex), Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (a trauma therapy), Grief, Domestic violence, Dating violence, Multicultural Department: College Assistance Migrant Program Title: Associate Dean of the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Expertise: Cultural and applied anthropology, Folklore, Impact of immigration on Southwestern U.

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