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Trevor was the ultimate test: He frequently blew her off, didn’t respond right away to her text-messages, and was completely unpredictable. I’m an overachiever and I like a good challenge," Ali admits.Call it Blair Waldorf Syndrome: The case of the ÿber-perfectionist who’s head-over-heels in love with a classic cad like Chuck Bass.

Like Ali, fifteen-year-old Eleanor* from Philadelphia--a straight-A student and competitive horseback rider--didn’t seem like a girl who’d fall for one of the loner guys at school.

First, this presumes that you actually smarter than him, which you may be, but you may also not be. But the failure here isn’t in assuming that smarts were a factor in the breakup.

The failure is in thinking that a disdain of superior intellect is a one way street, men to women. While it’s true that a man may prefer to be smarter or make more money than his significant other, it works the other way as well.

Even followers of Zamolxianism (neo-pagans in Romania that have roots in Dacian and Thracian beliefs) are better choices for mates as they have some level of awareness beyond the material. I have met guys from the USA and the UK that have dated and then married Eastern European women who are luke warm in their convictions and break up years latter. Why not just find someone you despise and give them your house and half their income for ten years, instead of marrying the wrong woman and wasting time?

Divorce rates are low in Romania, just choose one that has a low flight risk.

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