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I have never seen such a positive combination of English language penetration, lack of bitch shields and white-God bule factor (more on that later) than in Jakarta.As noted, girls here vary somewhat but they tend to have larger than average tits and asses for Asians, which is right up my alley.If you are looking for something raunchier, you can read my ranking of Indonesia's 20 Hottest Dangdut Performers instead.I’ve done my fair share of traveling around the world (30 countries more or less) and have seen some crazy shit when it comes to females, but Jakarta… First of all, big shout out to Secret Internet Fattie for really going out of his way to make sure I had up to date knowledge about Jakarta.

If found guilty, they face penalties of up to 10 years in prison and fines.

I should add a similar one today: Indonesia's most beautiful singers.

I didn't include those who are inactive or those who only had a one-time hit.

Solihin is an administrative worker at the Darul Anshor, an Islamic boarding school in Poso. Police are trying to verify their personal details but said they have ties to ISIS.

In a raid Thursday morning of one bombing suspects' house in the city of Bandung, police discovered documents about Islamic teaching and two bladed weapons.

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