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You can even set reminders of upcoming events to ensure that you do not miss any important meetings or events.As long as you have Internet access, you can still schedule and view appointments directly from your phone through the online Yahoo Calendar. By default, the icon for the browser is on the home screen; if not, press the “Menu” key while on the home screen to view it on the expanded home screen. Her articles have appeared on a variety of websites, covering technology, personal finance, music and health topics.Ensure you have the most current build of Companion Link (and Deja Office) installed.

And, there's the natural but incorrect tendency to think of pm as pm, wherever you are. The problem is you put the appointment on your calendar in the wrong time zone. It's designed to be right when you cross time zones. With Date/Time source set to Network, the Blackberry pulls the time from the network, but still applies the GMT offset for the time zone you selected. When I save the appointment, it shows up on my Blackberry Calendar (and Outlook) as pm, correct for Eastern time. If this box is checked, every time you connect to Desktop Manager, either to sync your Blackberry or to back-up, Desktop Manager will set your Blackberry to your computer time.

If you input your appointments using the Blackberry calendar input screen, all the time zones are available to you. A few typical questions and an example will illustrate the problem and the solution. I put the appointment on my calendar in Atlanta for pm and when I got to LA and manually changed my time zone, it changed the time of my meeting by three hours! If you're on the east coast, don't put an appointment on the calendar for pm eastern and expect it to read pm pacific. Even though Outlook 2003 doesn't explicitly associate a time zone with an appointment when you enter the appointment, it's still made with the time zone setting from your computer. I ride to the airport, get on the plane, and turn off my phone, which is still set to Eastern time and Network. If you left your laptop set to your home time zone, then synching will cause your Blackberry to change back to your home time zone.

I fly to Alabama, which is in the Central time zone. If you select "Network Time" as your Blackberry time source, you don't need this setting.

We land in Huntsville, and the Flight Attendant announces the Local Time is am. Unchecking it will keep Desktop Manager from changing your Blackberry time.

Microsoft Exchange FAQ Students: Looking for information on setting up Card Mail on your mobile device?

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