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For the purposes of this policy, we consider financial products and services to be those related to the management and investment of money, including personalized advice.When promoting financial services and products, you must comply with state and local regulations for any region that your ads target — for example, include specific disclosures required by local law.Many of the cards featured in our deals ranking system provide a decision on your application within 60 seconds in most cases, which makes the process of getting money very simple.Treat your new card as a "personal loan funnel," but make sure to pay off the WHOLE balance before your introductory rate expires, otherwise you could end up paying a relatively high interest rate.

Click here to see 's top-rated 0% introductory rate card offers.Financial products can be very complex and sometimes difficult to understand.Disclosures increase transparency and provide consumers with valuable information to make informed decisions."With unemployment on the up, lenders are increasingly thinking twice before offering money they're much less sure they'll get back.The cost of this risk is being passed on to us all with higher APRs and fewer products available." The most competitive products for a £5,000 loan come from Zopa A-star Personal Loan, offering an annual percentage rate (APR) of 6.96 per cent and Your Personal Loan, offering an APR of 7.8 per cent, according to Money

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